Interior Residential Construction

The inside of your home can showcase your style and personality. This is why it is important to keep it updated and how you want it to look. There are many ways and construction services that you can utilize in order to keep your home looking great and to create the style you desire. Here are ways that we help with keeping your home up-to-date!



            Whether you are needing new flooring or just need damage repair on your current floor, we can help! Having new flooring can completely change the feel of your home. This can add more comfort or create a new feeling into your house. New flooring can also help your allergies, from removing all the dust and dirt hiding in your current floor. It can also increase the value and the desire of others wanting your house. That is helpful if you are planning to put it up on the market soon or in the near future.

Counter Tops

            Having new countertops can completely transform your kitchen. It can change the overall tone to not only your kitchen, but also your home. There are many different types of materials that can be used for the tone you are going for. This ranges from marble, granite, soapstone, tile, and solid-surface material. Not only can you add countertops to your kitchen, but there are many different rooms that this can add a special style to.

Garage Remodel

            When remodeling a garage, there are a lot of opportunities to transform your garage. Whether you need painting, cabinets, flooring, or even need help laying out the perfect design for your new and improved garage, we can help!

Kitchen Remodel

            A kitchen is where your family will be a lot of the time, when home. This is why it’s great to make your kitchen a place you want to be! This can be done with new countertops, flooring, cabinets, and more. The possibilities are endless. We help create a kitchen that fits the certain style and feel our customers are going for.

Ceiling Repairs and Installation

            Need or want a whole new ceiling? Or just need some repair done to it? We provide ceiling repairs and installation. By having a new ceiling, it prevents future damage being done and keeps your home updated!

Home Remodel

            Home should be one of your favorite places to be. Wanting change is a normal desire to have and most people want to remodel or renovate their whole house after some time! We can help you design the perfect place for you to call home. We provide a lot of services that can transfer your home completely. Contact us today for a free quote! Call us (309) 808-2125 or email us

Basement Remodel

            Whether your wanting a new and improved man/babe cave or just wanting to make your downstairs basement welcoming and stylish, let us help. We can provide painting to change the whole feel to your downstairs. We also can create a bar for gatherings and entertainment. Those are only two of the many options to add to your downstairs, that we provide, to completely transform it.

Wall Demo/Construction

            Wanting to open the rooms in your home to create a more welcoming and comfortable feel? Or are you needing walls put up to create dimension and more rooms in your home? These are both great options when wanting to spice something up within your house. We provide both wall demolition and construction for either of those needs!

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