Commercial Construction

5 pictures of different commercial renovations we have done

Core 3 Construction Service can handle any new commercial construction projects including office, retail, and industrial. Our experienced staff is here to assist where needed. Whether you have plans already or just an idea, Core 3 Construction Services can help make your project turn into a reality.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you and your business space:

Historic Building Renovations and Restorations

            Have a historic building that needs some upkeeping to continue the history behind the structure? We can help! We value historical structures and understand they can mean much more than just a building to someone. Let us help its reputation continue on to the future by renovating/restoring its current condition so it can look and stay the same as long as it can.


Additions to Existing Structures

            Wanting something new or different is commonly needed when having a business. Whether you need to extend an area in your business or need help spicing up your design, we can help with that. By adding something new, creating more space, etc., it can help transform your whole business and attract more potential customers.


Remodeling / Build Out

            Remodeling can help your business become successful. Customers tend to be more attracted to somewhere that looks nice on the inside and outside. This can involve many different tasks and services needed. Remodeling can go from painting to completely changing the whole look of your business. Contact us today for a FREE quote on the project you desire at (309) 808-2125.



            We offer many different services for your business when it comes to our carpentry. Installation of structure and fixtures, building frameworks for walls, doors, and creating and following blueprints for the design your business wants and needs are just a few of what we do. There are many benefits when it comes up those services whether you’re an upcoming business or currently have a business. This can help start your business or completely change the look of your current one.


Floors – New or Damage Repair

            Having sturdy and attractive floors is must when wanting to attract customers to your business. If you’re considering a new floor, you can create a style by using tile, that fits your business’s aesthetic, or you can go with a class look and choose hardwood flooring. Sometimes you don’t need your whole flooring replaced, a few boards or tiles might have gotten damaged. We provide floor installations and damage repair!



            We provide framing services that includes metal framing or wooden framing. Framing provides support and the design of the layout for your business. This is essential for any building to have. Our professionals have an immense amount of experience with framing for businesses, so we can assure that we provide safe and accurate framing to every project we finish.


Wall Demo/Construction

            Wanting your business to have a more opening feel to it? Or are you wanting some walls to add dimension and more rooms for opportunity? We have wall demo and construction services that help with both of those needs. Having a more open room can create a welcoming feel to customers. Having walls built, can help create more offices, more rooms, and anything else you desire.


Ceiling Repairs and Installations

            Just like flooring, it is important to have a trusty and eye pleasing ceiling. With a nonupdated looking ceiling it can reflect a bad feel to the whole business. We specialize in suspended ceilings that can help your business look as good as new, whether you’re needing repairs or installation. We also provide similar services, such as light installations!


Office space that was remodeled and is now a school 


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