Should I Move or Remodel

Should I Move or Remodel
August 4, 2020 @ 1:55 pm by Brooke Carver

When living at the same house for a while, it’s easy to want to change something up. Whether it be moving or remodeling, there are many factors that go into each that is worth being considered when trying to figure out which option best fits you. Here are 4 things to think about when making the decision to remodel or move.



            When remodeling your home, the cost depends on the state of which your house is in and what all you want to do with it. To save money this way, I suggest that it would help to sell anything that you want to replace/get ride of. There are many ways to sell your items. You can do this through Craigslist, eBay, garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Also, try to refurnish some things that you can still save in your house. For example, my roommates and I had and bought some furniture that was a little older, but after we painted them, they all looked amazing and are great pieces in our living room!

            Moving is a big mixture when it comes to profit and spending. When selling a house to move, it’s easy to look over the underlining costs that go along with it. There are costs from selling, moving, and buying a house. However, all of these costs can be worth it in the end if the new house is completely updated and just what you want.



            Do you like the neighborhood you’re in right now? Are you ok with your current taxes? Do you want to be in the current city you are in? These are valid questions to ask yourself. If you are wanting more of just a change in your house and want newer items and a different look, remodeling might be for you. If the neighborhood you are in doesn’t feel like something you belong to and if you are just wanting to switch to a new city or state, moving should definitely be something to consider. It’s common for people to want a change in their life, but it’s worth considering on how much of a change you actually want.



            The time in your life can play a crucial factor when trying to decide to move or remodel your home. There are a couple things to keep in mind. Family, school, and work are some main factors to think about. Moving can change school districts, cause you to have a shorter or longer drive to work every day, and can separate or move you closer to your family members and friends. If you are worried about any of those things, it might be a better option to remodel your home and later down the line, think about moving.



            Are you happy where your house is now or what it looks like? If you aren’t happy with the area you are in, you should consider moving. If the look and feel of the house is what’s causing you not to be happy about it, remodeling might be the better option for you. As cheesy as it sounds, “home is where the heart is” and it’s true! No one should be somewhere they aren’t happy. Deciding if it’s the area or just the look of the house will help you narrow your decision.


Trying to decide whether to move or remodel can be a stressful and confusing decision to make. There are many factors to think about when figuring out which best fits you. Using these four main things to consider can easily help you narrow your decision down and find your true happiness!

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