3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Construction Company

3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Construction Company
August 21, 2020 @ 4:30 pm by Brooke Carver

When needing commercial construction done for your business, it is extremely important to find the company that fits your needs. It can be difficult trying to figure out the best questions to ask to see if the construction company is right for you. Here are 3 questions to ask that will help you find your perfect fit!


“Tell me about your business and its history.”

            This will allow you to know how long they have been building commercial projects for. It’s extremely important to have a construction company be reliable and experienced since it’s your project and your money! By asking about their business and their history, this can also bring out how passionate they are and how much they care about the products they produce. The last thing you’d want is for workers to not really enjoy building your project, that can cause the quality to fail.


“What other commercial projects have you worked on?”

            When asking this question, this helps you get a good grip on what they have most experience with. Are the commercial projects they’ve completed similar to yours? This is also a great time to ask if you could see any photos for examples. Them having more experience with projects similar to yours can make it easier for you  to trust the workers. You need to know what you’re getting yourself into before you pursue anything farther.


“How long will it take and how much will it cost?”

            Of course, every project comes in all shapes and sizes, so the cost and time will mainly depend on that. However, when asking this question, it allows you to know if this is something that can fit your budget and schedule. Some companies take longer than others and charge more. However, if they are wiling to give you a free estimate and/or are trying to meet your needs, that is a sign of a construction company that values their customers.


            Finding a commercial construction company that fits your goals and needs can be difficult, but there is match out there for everyone. By having these three questions with you while trying to find your match made in heaven, it will help you narrow the options down to have someone working on your project that you trust and know will do a great job. If you have any commercial construction needs, please contact Core 3 Construction at (309) 808-2125 or info@core3cs.com to find out if we are your perfect match!

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