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Office Building & DesignBuilding and Designing Bloomington Offices

The office building is one of the most prominent architectural feats of the 20th century, providing productive spaces to workers of all types. It is an icon that represents the manner in which the industry has changed throughout the times. That is to say, it reflects the progress of our world through successful businesses driven by a significant increase in employment over the last 100 years. It signifies advancement in the economy and the improvement of lives of many people, including not only business owners but also office workers.


Today, almost every continent in the world has major cities that highlight skylines of majestic office towers. These symbols of advanced economic activity, progressive social interactions, cutting-edge technology, and growing financial market are designed not only to be productive but also to inspire and create awe. Office building designers style their creations according to the direction and goals of a business. In other words, at least for designers and business owners, office buildings are statements to what a business has to offer.


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How Office Design Affects Employees & Productivity

In building an office space, a number of considerations are taken into account, keeping in mind the goals of a business and the productivity and convenience of its workers. Primarily, a good office space must offer a safe working environment. This requirement is attributed to the structural integrity of a building or space, with special note on how the walls, posts, ceiling, and other structural elements provide sound support and safety to the occupants inside.


An office space must also be healthy and comfortable, providing a convenient working space to employees. As they say, a happy, well-cared-for worker is a productive one. Offering a pleasant place to work can definitely increase productivity. Therefore, good office design includes different working systems such as reliable plumbing, HVAC system, electrical system, and other minor details including type of flooring, lighting options, and others.


Furthermore, an office space must be beautiful. It is proven that aesthetically-pleasing places bring positive emotions that in turn translate to improved yield. When a worker has to drag himself to a shabby, unkempt office space every day, chances are he won't have to drive to get anything done. On the other hand, provide him with an exciting place to work and see him go through his tasks quickly and efficiently.


Lastly, important office additions that complete the space are essential to bringing out the best in an employee. Gone are the days when office spaces are made up of monotonous cubicles flooded with bright lights. Today, collaboration spaces are important, and modern design may include open spaces and tables that are adjustable so that you can stand while working. Colorful themes add vibrance to a work space, motivating cheerful employees to do the best they can.


Designers and Builders of Quality Office Spaces

In Central IL, particularly in areas in McLean County including Bloomington-Normal, Towanda, Hudson, and others, a knowledgeable designer and builder of modern office spaces has been helping professionals and business owners increase their productivity, and thus their revenue, through great places of work. Core 3 Construction specializes in office building and design in Bloomington. Whether you are a dentist who wants to remodel his office to make it less unnerving, a plumber who wants to build an office to receive clients and organize equipment, or any other professional needing an efficient workspace, we are the right people who can help you.


We take an innovative approach to office design and construction, involving conceptualized ideas that result from intensive brainstorming with the client. We couple this with the latest construction and design techniques in the industry to come up with the most appropriate office space for you. Of course, we consider all of the abovementioned aspects of a good office space, including green considerations to create energy-efficient and sustainable work areas.


Trust Core 3 Construction today for quality office building and design. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to get started.

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