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Doing Things Differently With Our Design-Build Model

The design-build project delivery process is aimed at encompassing the planning and construction stages into an integrative approach to achieve unity in ideas and workflow and thus improve efficiency. Through this system, projects can become simpler and therefore be completed faster.

This method is one of the most notable trends in design and construction today. But before we discuss how itfde works, we contrast it to the traditional method adopted by project owners before the introduction of this revolutionary process. Click the button below to learn more about our design-build services.


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In the construction industry, the traditional method is performed as such: the project owner manages two separate contracts - one for the designer and another for the contractor. The designer comes up with the initial set of plans for the owner, who then sends the output design to the contractor for implementation. The project owner accordingly becomes the mediator, settling issues between design and implementation.


On the other hand, in the design-build delivery method, a single point of responsibility is established. That is, the designer and the contractor are one entity, combining design quality, construction efficiency, flexible costing, and strict adherence to schedule into one smooth process. Therefore, a design-build team is more versatile, coordinating changes in the design and implementation more easily to result in a more desirable output. The project owner is less stressed, as he puts complete trust and reliance on the design-build professionals.


Other Advantages of Design-Build

Design-build has many obvious advantages, including faster delivery and cost savings. A collaborative effort means that work is completed more quickly and with fewer problems. Instead of having two teams constantly depending on each other for output, one design-build team can seamlessly produce a plan and construct a building while integrating changes flexibly and quickly. This integration, in turn, results in project management efficiency. There is centralized responsibility, as only a single entity is accountable for costs, schedule adherence, and project performance.


In addition, project owners can focus more on the project instead of managing different contracts, which can be problematic. Risks are also reduced, and communication is enhanced because team members work as a single entity. In terms of project implementation, improved quality control is seen when adopting the design-build process, as this method removes ambiguity in construction requirements and material specification. As the architect and engineer come from the same firm, the focus is on the client's interest because the "can-do" attitude is present, as opposed to the "blame game."


Design-Build in Bloomington IL & Central Illinois

Businesses looking to set up their commercial establishments or property owners aiming to construct their multi-family housing units can rely on a trusted design-build firm that has helped many companies in Central IL achieve their goals. Core 3 Construction aims at designing and constructing beautiful and functional buildings and spaces for commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are a new business owner wanting to construct your fist commercial space or an existing entrepreneur looking to improve your place of business, you can count on our proven design-build process to come up with the best design for your space and implement it with the highest quality materials and efficient construction methods.


In addition, we help apartment owners and managers design the most efficient but beautiful rental spaces so that tenants can have a comfortable place to live. Our experience in designing and building quality multi-family housing complexes comes from the design of our own apartments, which have successfully housed many residents, including families living and working in Central IL and students studying in any of its major universities and colleges. Core 3 Construction takes pride in its professionals, who take apartment design seriously to provide quality living conditions.


We serve businesses and multi-family apartments in McLean County, specifically in Bloomington-Normal, Hudson, and Heyworth. Through our experienced professionals, business owners and apartment managers can have productive and fruitful places of business. Get in touch with us today to construct your building or space using the efficient design-build process. In addition to design, we also have apartments for rent and offer commercial maintenance and landscaping services.


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