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McLean County

As the largest county in Illinois according to land area, McLean County has a lot to offer. With great parks, recreational areas, shopping destinations, restaurants, and major colleges and universities, this place has it all. Founded in late 1830 out of Tazewell County, this pleasant, energetic county is home to about 170,000 residents who are passionate about education, finance, agriculture, and other fields. Here is also where Illinois State University, the State's oldest public university, is located. Thus, one would expect that the cities in this county are bustling with student activities including academics, athletics, festivals, and more. Furthermore, students of the Illinois Wesleyan University and Heartland Community College add to the excitement of this "college town."


As such, McLean County is filled with businesses of all sizes - from national corporations such as State Farm Insurance and Country Financial, superstores such as Eastland Mall, to local businesses including medical centers, retail outlets, quaint cafes, specialty restaurants, and others. McLean County Unit 5 is the county's school district, teaching children about important life lessons for the future. These commercial establishments primarily serve Bloomington-Normal but also cater to residents of McLean County's other cities and villages including Le Roy, Hudson, Downs, Danvers, Heyworth, Towanda, and others. Together, these communities form a vibrant county that fosters strong commerce, rich fellowships, and a healthy environment.


Building Businesses in McLean County

In the spirit of helping the county grow, one business helps other businesses take hold of a stable market through reliable construction services. Core 3 Construction is a reputable construction company in McLean County, serving commercial establishments and multi-family housing in the area so that they can provide quality products and services. We are in the business of designing and constructing commercial buildings, apartment complexes, retail centers, and standard spaces for offices. Our efforts are driven by a strong desire to make McLean County one of the best places to live in the country through sound modeling and construction techniques. Through our services, business-minded individuals can easily see success in their future.


Our Offerings

Core 3 Construction offers the following services.



Our professionals are aware of the hurdles of a construction project. That is why we adopt this method to efficiently complete a project within a specific timeframe and budget. In doing so, a conceptual design is first established, containing flexible pricing options and dynamic processes to perfectly suit the requirements of a commercial construction project. Through the design-build process, our professional teams work together to achieve the desired results with minimal challenges and waste.


Commercial Building Design

Whether single or multiple-story building designs, Core 3 Construction has the capabilities to create the right plans for light retail spaces, industrial applications, or office buildings. Combining sound engineering practices and innovative architectural styles, our professionals can create a building that will make a statement for your business. Whether you want to build a free-standing building for a single business or a commercial complex to accommodate more than one tenant, Core 3 Construction is ready.


Core 3 Construction in Mclean County


Multi-Family Apartment Construction

With major universities and big businesses in McLean County, the need for multi-family housing complexes is on the rise. Core 3 Construction expertly builds apartment buildings that are both comfortable and convenient. We take our experience from our own apartment buildings, which have housed many ISU students and State Farm employees for many years. We know appropriate room configurations that can maximize space without compromising comfort.


Other Services

We also offer commercial remodeling and renovations, vanilla box construction, and general contractor services. Core 3 Construction is the right company to help you get started with your business or improve your commercial establishment. Get in touch with us today for professional construction services in McLean County.


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