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Since the mid-1800's, the village of Hudson had grown in terms of population and commerce. As the area was known to be one of the most fertile agricultural lands in the world, with primary crops including oats, soybeans, corn, and other grains, there was no doubt that the town was headed toward success. Progress was spurred even more by the arrival of the railroad in the area during the town's early days. Moreover, in the early 20th century, technological advancements in power and communications had attracted more people to settle in the area, during which the increase of the population of the town became significant.


Today, Hudson is becoming an increasingly popular residential community because of its proximity to Bloomington-Normal, where large multi-national companies are headquartered. Accessibility has significantly improved with the construction of major roads. For example, Interstate 39 was completed in 1992, connecting the village of Hudson with nearby El Paso and Normal and providing residents with an easy commute to work. An estimated 1,800+ residents now comprise this quiet and charming neighborhood, which is served by many robust businesses who work hard to provide quality products and services.


Commercial establishments in Hudson include banks, granaries, auto shops, stores, daycares, and many other office spaces offering a variety of services. In addition, Hudson Elementary School, which is part of McLean County Unit 5, has K-5 and serves children from Hudson, rural students surrounding Hudson, and those from north Normal. Finally, according to village authorities and those who have come to love the village, Hudson has become a "bedroom community" for Bloomington-Normal but has maintained a rural small-town feel.


Helping Businesses in Hudson IL

A reliable construction firm wants to help existing and would-be business owners improve or establish their commercial spaces. Core 3 Construction specializes in commercial building design, construction, and renovation, serving businesses in Hudson and other communities in Central IL so that they can serve the people. At Core 3 Construction, we believe that a good place of business goes a long way in providing quality products and services. Customers can feel pampered as they enter a commercial establishment that goes beyond their expectations.


Our Professional Services

Core 3 Construction applies only the latest methods in construction and renovation so that projects can result in quality output. Our professional services emphasize on excellence and timeliness, aiming to provide what a business owner wants for his commercial establishment.

Commercial Construction and Renovation

Having a commercial establishment that is both attractive and conducive to operations is an essential element of business success. Core 3 Construction helps venturists start on the right track by having a place of business that is in line with their business goals. With our designs, commercial spaces can truly bring out the nature of a business. Moreover, business owners who want to improve their performance by upgrading their facilities also turn to us for reliable renovation services. We study what works and what doesn't so that we can come up with the best design for a business.


Core 3 Construction in Hudson, IL

Office Building and Design

Core 3 Construction helps professionals design and build their office spaces so that they can improve their productivity and thus their revenue. Intuitive floor plans that take into account foot traffic, collaboration spaces, storage areas, placements of essential office items, and other important considerations are produced, deliberated upon, refined, and implemented to build an office space that workers will love. Through our business-oriented processes, our designers and builders come up with offices that are effective and efficient.


Developement Services

Multifamily Apartment Construction

Those who want to get into the apartment management business can also rely on our extensive experience with multi-family housing. Our parent company, Core 3, also manages many apartment buildings, so we know the important considerations that must be included in the design of a housing complex. As commerce is booming in Bloomington-Normal, more people are also choosing Hudson to be their place of residence. Therefore, putting up a beautiful apartment building with our help can be a very feasible business opportunity.


Professional Construction Services

Core 3 Construction works hard to design and build only the best commercial spaces and multi-family apartments in Hudson IL. If you are in need of expert contractors for your business, then we are the company to trust. Get in touch with us today to get started.


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