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Core 3 Construction primarily serves McLean County, Illinois. As the largest county in the State by land area, McLean is filled with different sights and businesses including shopping centers, restaurants, parks, professional services, and other commercial establishments. The county is also home to major colleges and universities, including Illinois State University, the State's oldest public university. ISU has a population of almost 21,000 students served by a staff of 3,500. The 400-hectare campus is home to different academic and administrative buildings, student residences, and the Redbird Arena.




McLean County is also home to large corporations such as State Farm Insurance and Country Financial in Bloomington and superstores such as Eastland Mall. The U.S. Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington seats 7,000 for sports events and 8,000 for concerts. The Pepsi Ice Center in the Coliseum is great for indoor family ice activities such as ice skating and ice hockey. Furthermore, commerce in McLean County is supported by thousands of small-to-medium enterprises ranging from accounting services to healthcare facilities. Cafes and boutiques in Uptown Normal, for example, serve the locals and students alike.


With the many businesses in the county, Core 3 Construction steps up its game to provide quality construction and renovation services to prospective and existing commercial establishments as well as multi-family housing complexes such as apartment buildings, condominiums, townhomes, and others. We strive to build the best commercial spaces so that locals and visitors of this great place can enjoy everything that it has to offer. Through a reliable design-build process, business owners and multi-family apartment owners can have a seamless project undertaking, and clients can be inspired by their work. Core 3 Construction serves these areas in McLean County in particular.     


The 75,000 residents of Bloomington have called it their home. As the county seat of McLean County, Bloomington is the center of it all - it is mainly where people in the county live, go to school, and work. Bloomington is the home of Beer Nuts, Illinois State University, and other prominent entities such as State Farm Insurance, Country Financial, Unit 5 School District, and OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. Furthermore, hundreds of small businesses serve locals and visitors. The Central Illinois Regional Airport is a public airport in Bloomington serving McLean County and nearby areas. In addition, the city is home to the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, which is recognized as one of the best Shakespearean events in the country.


Bloomington is also known as a tech hub, being ranked as the sixth "techiest" community in the country by Computerworld and the 20th smartest community in the country by Forbes. Furthermore, in 2011, the city was named the 17th "geekiest" because of the high percentage of workers that are involved in the engineering, mathematics, science, and technology, owing to the presence of major universities in the area such as ISU and many tech companies.


With the thriving commerce in the city, many businesses and residential complexes that house families working in these establishments require reliable construction and renovation services offered by a reputable company. Core 3 Construction is ready to fill this goal and help build businesses in Bloomington.



The highlight of this college town, which is where ISU is located, is Uptown Normal, the town's bustling center. The area is always filled with fun things to do. Whether shopping at the chic boutiques or hanging out at their favorite pizza or ice cream place, locals and students will never find a dull moment in one of the district's enticing establishments. An evening that includes a sumptuous dinner in one of Normal's great restaurants or a lovely day that involves a stroll along Beaufort St can complete the uptown experience. The town is also home to the iconic Normal Theater, a 1937 theater restored in Art Deco motif showing classic and independent films.


Normal is also where many professionals offer their services. They need quality office spaces, so Core 3 Construction provides contemporary and efficient office designs to boost the productivity of workers. This reliable construction company also offers commercial building design and commercial renovation so that businesses in Normal IL can serve their customers better. 


Core 3 Construction Services Areas Served


The McLean County village of Hudson is peaceful but vibrant. This small community of fewer than 2,000 residents is home to numerous businesses that provide the needs of the locals. These commercial establishments, including banks, granaries, auto shops, stores, daycares, and many other office spaces, offer a broad range of goods and services to Hudson as well as surrounding communities. In addition, business in Hudson is growing. That is, many people are thinking of putting up their own shops and services. Therefore, Core 3 Construction helps them by specializing in commercial building design, construction, and renovation. We are serving business owners so that they can serve the people.


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The quiet but business-oriented village of Heyworth is home to about 2,800 people. The commercial properties and multi-family homes in the area cater to both locals and visitors. Retail stores, restaurants, banks, food shops, automotive centers, health facilities, and other important businesses provide essential goods and services for the village. Therefore, business centers and offices in this community must be well-designed so that they can offer quality services to the residents. Workers must have a productive space, and customers want a comfortable place to do business.


Thus, Core 3 Construction employs the latest design-build techniques to help professionals have their own commercial space or office that suits their requirements. Our professionals design efficient offices and commercial spaces so that business performance can improve significantly. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of our remodeling services to existing businesses so they can have a new look that they can be proud of, and their customers can be enticed to deal with them.


Trusted Construction Firm in McLean County

Core 3 Construction is highly regarded for its reliable construction techniques and trustworthy services. If you are a business owner or a multi-family housing operator, then you can greatly benefit from our ideas. If you want to build your own office space or business, then we can also help you. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.


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