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Designing & Building Commercial Properties for Bloomington Businesses

In the business world, appeal is everything. Brands that stand out are the ones that are remembered. Products that bring the greatest satisfaction are those that are patronized. Services that provide the best experience are those that are sought after. And buildings that make an impact are those that significantly influence a potential customer to come in and do business. Therefore, it is often important to have a commercial building that truly represents your business. By having an attractive place of business, your products and services can have a good, trustworthy base where your customers or clients can really experience the essence of your offerings. Commercial building design is thus an important aspect of any business, and this should be considered greatly in defining business success.


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Commercial Building Design

Aesthetic Appeal - First Impressions Last

People walk into businesses and greatly consider the design of commercial buildings. As the majority of information processed by our brains enters through our vision, the power of first impressions is a big factor in commercial building design. Similar to any introduction, whether to people, places, or things, seeing a building for the first time can greatly affect the way we judge a business. The quality of the design of a building can say a lot about how it deals with its clients. Therefore, business owners seriously consider commercial building design when constructing their places of business for the first time. It is during the design phase when important considerations such as architectural style, color theme, floor layout, and other features are taken into account.


Functional Considerations - Making the Building Work

Further, smart commercial building design is more than just looks. Multiple considerations such as building systems must be included in the design to enhance the function of a building. Structural components such as foundation, walls, roofs, and other important elements must work together to create not only a beautiful building but also a safe and sound one. Building systems are carefully studied by professional consultants specializing in the design of commercial buildings. For example, structural and site work are overseen by civil engineers; power and lighting design are handled by electrical engineers; plumbing and HVAC systems are the responsibility of mechanical engineers; and sprinkler and fire alarm systems, entryways, and other protective mechanisms are taken care of by safety engineers.


Interior Design and Minor Details

So far, we've covered the aesthetic and functional components of commercial building design, but these two are not the only considerations that must be made. Other details such as accessibility, sustainability, good project management, and many important aspects of building design must be included. In the design of the interior of the building, other matters of concern include the flow of people - the proper placement of the reception area, the productive configuration of office spaces, the intuitive layout of the production or sales floor, and the overall feel of the rooms greatly affect the way your customers and workers contribute to the success of your business.


Do your premises provide for the needs of disabled people? Does your building optimize energy use? Is the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) adequate? These are only some of the questions that are asked in coming up with the right design for your commercial building.


A Professional General Commercial Contractor for Your Needs

Designing a commercial building is never an easy task, but it becomes less complicated with the right general commercial contractor by your side. Core 3 Construction is a trusted general contractor specializing in commercial building design in Bloomington IL and the surrounding areas. We help business owners in Bloomington-Normal, Towanda, Danvers, Downs, Hudson, Heyworth, and other locations in Central IL come up with the right designs for their commercial spaces. We expertly work on all of the abovementioned considerations for professional commercial building design.


It is time for you to take your business seriously. Work with us to build the most appropriate building that is in line with your business goals. Core 3 Construction is ready to help you with commercial building design.


Get in touch with us today for an initial consultation. We have a lot to cover, and we want to start as soon as possible.

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